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ML30 Gen9 power supplies


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Hello all,

First time poster and relatively new to HPE Servers, so excuse my lack of knowledge in this area.

I have recently purchased both a HPE ProLiant ML310e Gen8 and a HPE ProLiant ML30 Gen9 server. I was looking for a server for simple file storage, downloads, media centre etc and was using an older N54L Gen8 MicroServer.  Using Windows 10 pro as the OS on all of these.

The ML310e Gen8 had the dual 750w redundant power supplies installed, while the ML30 Gen9 had the base 350w ATX power supply. I plan on keeping the ML30 Gen9 and after switching the powers supplies around i notice that there is no longer space for both my DVD optical drive and ICY Dock 4xSSD hard drive cage.

I know i could just get rid of the DVD optical drive and use an external one if i ever needed to, however i was wondering if a standard aftermarket ATX power supply, e.g. 500W ATX Corsair modular power supply could be used as a replacement to the 350W Delta one which HP installed? This way i would then have room for the optical drive and ICY dock enclosure to stay in place as they wouldn't clash with the redundant power supply cage and backplane.


Additionally, is there any issues with installing the dual 750W redundant power supplies into the ML30 Gen9? I know the HP recommend option is to go up to the 460W redundant power supply, however this dual 750W power supply kit was available to me so i would like to know if is is even worth/able to be installed or not?


Thanks in advance for any feedback or advice.


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I've been trying to work out how to change the PSU as well. But I don't know if hp done some magic on the 24pin board connected, also you have to power the backplane somehow. 

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