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Gen8 and Coral TPU : any feedback?


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I'd like to use Coral Edge TPU with my Gen8 (https://coral.ai/products/m2-accelerator-dual-edgetpu/).

The purpose is to greatly boost objects detection from multiple HD camera streams (running at home).

I've started using Frigate (https://github.com/blakeblackshear/frigate), which is really promising compared to many other solutions I've tried before (false positive nightmare).
I think the best option is to use Gen8 PCIe slot, using such an adapter (when back in stock 😞 )https://mbs-shop.online/tproduct/365624859-195484769511-dual-edge-tpu-adapter-pcie-x1-low-profil


Did someone test such a card (single edge TPU, or even dual edge)?
Any clue about how to use such cards with a MS Gen8?

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As the Coral device is a M.2 E-key device you could mount it on any compatible M.2 PCIe card. The question is can you get the Coral device? They appear to be sold out everywhere. 

I work for a system integrator, one of our customers designed a vision system for manufacturing, camera inputs to a small formfactor PC. They were planning to use Coral device using M.2 slots on the PC, but due to no availability, they redesign their software and use a NVIDIA Quadro GPU for the AI for their cameras. It is a much more expensive solution, but they could not wait for Coral/Google. I think the low cost aspect of the Coral devices will be very compelling once they work out supply chain.

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@schoondoggy You're right, it's impossible to buy such a card right now. But as I can wait, I'm just planning this. And even if it takes 6 months, it's OK. I can run the software using the CPU (I've just bought a Xeon 1265). Not ideal, but it works :)

Once Coral cards will become available again, I'll buy one of them.


Beside this, Frigate documentation mentions this:

"There is no support for Nvidia GPUs to perform object detection with tensorflow". Nvidia is a big no-go: too expensive, too power hungry, too big to fit in the case I guess, not supported by Frigate...
This choice can't be mine definitely, at least not for my current use case.


I was just wondering if anyone here had tested them. Just to know how well they can work in our beloved MS Gen8 🙂

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