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P222 and Self-Encrypted Disks


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Hi All


I'm completely stuck with new drives.

I've bought P222/512 SAS controller (firmware 8.32) and bunch of HP disks SMEG2000S5xnF7.2 (rebranded seagate ST2000NM0063).

My controller in RAID mode kind of see these disks but none of them are "compatible". HPSAA reporting that these disks does not support RAID.

General alert: 267 - There are no configurable physical drives attached to the current array controller.


I've found instruction how to switch P222 into HBA mode and did it, now I can see drives as is, but all operations with them are causing IO error.


I suspect it might be connected to SED (Self-Encryption Disk) feature but I have no idea how to turn it off to have normal storage.


Have someone faced with such disks and what would you suggest to do to resolve this issue?


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Looks like an issue was with drives, as they were formatted with 520 block size rather than 512, I haven't looked at block size and contacted seller about the issue.

So Self-Encrypting Drive (SED) feature of the drives was not involved into the issue.


So I've reformatted them (it took about 12 hours for 2Tb) and they are visible to controller now.


Btw, to reformat them:

After formatting with 512 block size, I switched controller back to RAID mode, and P222 was able to operate with these disks.

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