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Windows 11

Joker Jones

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Has anyone got Windows 11 running on the Gen8? I'm currently running windows 10.

I know its not directly possible but with some registry hacks etc it is, just wondering someone had given it a go? 




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I've got 2 Gen8's that I manage running Windows 10, not sure what Windows 11 brings to the table that would require moving to 11, what specifically are you after that 11 brings to the table?

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The DLL trick worked for me to install Win11 on just about any PC, supported or otherwise.


I've got Win11 running on practically all of my test PCs, the oldest of the bunch being a Core 2 Quad Q9550 and a Xeon E5450. But these are mainly playthings and I don't work on them on a daily basis.


I also have Win11 on my main PC in the lab, a 4th gen i5-4570, as well as my work laptop, a 6th gen i7-something.


About the only supported PC I have is the one I built a year ago based off of a Ryzen 5 3600. Everything else is legacy hardware.


Why upgrade to Win11? First, because in my line of work, I need to be familiar with current mainstream and upcoming Windows OS upgrades. And second, simply because I can. ;)

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For home use I don't see any compelling reason to move to W11 while W10 is still in support ...

... but once security updates cease - October 2025 - then there is an interesting decision about which is the lesser evil: W10 sans security or W11 hacked.


Currently I'm thinking of swapping out all old kit or just leaving devices as cold storage.

I wouldn't be in the least bit surprised if $MSFT borked the popular hacks as W10 neared EOL.

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I used the DLL trick and am up and running with Windows 11, so far so good, waiting for the other shoe to drop :)

As for rationale, just like to be on the latest and (ahem) greatest. 



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