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Gigabyte GeForce® GTX 1650 OC Low Profile 4G


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Hi to all.


Will this make fit in the Gen8 Microserver.


Rather expensive but cant find a 6GB or alternative to this option now.


Any advice is greatly appreciated.


Thanks and New Year wishes to all.

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Well it says its low profile, which is is I guess, but does it come with a proper low profile backing plate?

Also, fans, not sure where your servers sat but those fans will make more noise than in a normal case due to being by the side of the case..


Is there a passive version of the 1600 series yet?

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It should fit, I got a GTX1050ti in mine - had to remove the plastic shroud around the fan and heatsink and as I use the internal USB for my ODD I had to modify a USB cable.  My system is water cooled so can't comment on the noise of the GPU fan - the fan on the radiator is no doubt louder

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