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ESXi will only boot from traditional HDD (not SSD, or USB)


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I have a Gen8 which was running ESXi 6.0 off of the internal USB 2.0 port. Everything was working fine.


I recently upgraded the CPU and though I may as well upgrade ESXi too. Big mistake.


ESXi installer boots just fine and installs just fine, however once installed it will not boot. "Non-System Disk or Disk Error"


  • I've installed it to the same USB the installation ISO was on
  • I've installed it to a different USB
  • I've installed it to a SATA SSD


All of these install just fine but refuse to boot "Non-System Disk or Disk Error"


I've tried 7.0U2a, 7.0.2 HP Specific ISO, 6.7, 6.5, 6.0 (which was originally working ok) but no luck. Always the "Non-System Disk or Disk Error" message.


I have set the boot order in BIOS and have also tried the force one-time boot option, still nothing.


When I install it to the WD Red 4TB HDD, it boots right away.


Why is this?


I want to run ESXi from the internal USB as I was doing previously.


I understand VMWare is moving away from running ESXi from USB/SD, but that's not a topic for this post please.



Can anyone help me please?

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