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Mirroring on WHS


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Hello from Russia and sorry for my bad english.


I made a new computer with WHS. (it have its own monitor+KB+mouse).

It have:

drive-1 - 160GB - system drive containing WHS. (as usually - 20GB system drive + 140GB for data)

drive-2 - 2TB drive

drive-3 - 2TB drive


I bought two 2TB drives to make a mirror with 100% guarantee for safe my backup data.


First day i made a mirror in "Drive Management" (into WHS) - all work good and in Explorer a saw one 2TB drive.

Second day i installed "Windows Home Server Console" on my main computer, and in "Server Storage" i see 160GB drive and both 2TB drives. Both 2TB drives was "not added".

I add both of them - and after go to WHS desktop - in "explorer" i see two drives 2TB+2TB. So... no more mirror. Drives was reformatted.


I cant understand - what i must to do - to save a mirror drives?. The one way - to use "Folder Dublucation" in "WHS Console"? Or i can to make normal "mirror" in WHS?

You need to break the mirror and simply add those 2 drives to the WHS drive pool. As cskenny said, WHS does not support what you're trying to do.

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