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How would I use a Drobo 4 Drive Enclosure? Great question you ask and my needs are a little different than most. I have Windows Home Servers in Iraq (one V1 and one V2), one V1 in Korea, and one V1 in Syracuse with my youngest son who is making me a Grandfather in July. (Just so you get the logistics straight...I work in Iraq and my wife works in Korea)


Having a RAID 5 solution attached to the Syracuse Windows Home Server is a no-nonsense solution for me since virtually anyone can tell when a drive is going bad and needs attention. This device would allow me to share out the tons of videos and pictures via the web interface. This will be the first grandchild on either side so having instant memories to share via the WHS Web Interface while combining the reliability of the Drobo file protection is the best of both worlds. The security of RAID 5 protects what will become priceless memories while at the same time allow almost instant access for us while overseas. Will it be possible to have 6TB (4 x 2 TB RAID 5) of pictures and videos? We are about to find out...can't wait.


All Grandpa (aka Big Daddy) has to do is supply the drives !! (and he is happy to do so) :)

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I would put it next to my other Drobo and hope they become a mated pair. Then I could have some Drobettes. What's that you say it doesn't work that way? Oh well, in that case I'll still put it next to my other Drobo and use it as a back-up to the ever expanding data pool in my WHS.

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I would build the smallest box reasonable to house WHS 2011 with mirrored (raid 1) drives. These would serve as the OS and client backup drives. I would use the Drobo to house all other Server Folders.

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I think my unRAID server is starting to lean a little to the left with all the drives in the case, so I could use the Drobo to keep it propped up. :D


Just kidding, I would use Drobo as storage for my virtual server.

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