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The Great Home Server Show /Drobo Giveaway


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This is the place to post how you would use a Drobo if you won one. Contest rules are posted at http://homeservershow.com



Edit by Dave:

I know we are going to get a lot of first time posters due to the giveaway but I hope you guys will consider browsing around and participating in the forums. I didn't mandate a post limit for the giveaway in hopes of exposing Windows Home Server and it's community to more people.


There is a lot of good information here and there are a lot of good people here too. Check your profile settings at the top right of this windows, upload a gravatar and a photo and have fun!

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I would shoot it with an M240B (M60 replacement) like the Vegas tests.


Oops, wrong enclosure.


Seriously, I'd first use it to transfer my files from WHS v1 then convert my v1 box to my working WHS2011 box. The Drobo would then be attached to my WHS2011 box as media storage, and I could use internal drives mirrored as the OS. My biggest challenge right now is figuring out a way to migrate my data whilst converting and the Drobo would be perfect.

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G. WadeTech

I would use the Drobo as my primary storage solution for my WHS 2011 build and then be able to keep my current MediaSonic enclosure attached to my WHSv1 build.

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I would store all of my photos and home videos on it, while I am testing all of the DE replacment solutions on my then recently converted WHS2011 EX495.

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I would use the Drobo to replace my 4-bay GalaxyMetalGear 4500MGB quad bay NAS (stupid company went out of business! And took their firmware update with 'em!)

I lost so much data when my raid-5 array SLOWLY curled up and died on that NAS. I have another 2-bay 3500MGB raid pro (raid-1) that's still going OK. I only use it to backup my EX490 user-shares.


The Drobo would totally replace both! :)

Thanks HSS!


BTW, this is my only chance to win since I don't use Twitter.

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I would first use it as a Data holding tank while building my WHS 2011 box. Then I would convert it into a Media server.

Pick Me! :rolleyes:

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I would use the Drobo with my new WHS2011 box. It I would place it on the shelf of honor with my EX485 WHSv1 (won from a CES contest) and my Thecus N4200ECO server (also won in a contest). I am trying to start a collection of home based servers obtained through contest wins. This would be a nice addition.

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