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Same power consumption after mounting CPU 1220LV2


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I had a Celeron G1610T with x4 WD blue 7200 1TB disks and 8gb ram. The power consumption in idle was 43-45W. 


I upgraded the CPU and now I have a xeon e3-1220LV2, the power consumption is still exactly the same in idle state. I removed all 4 disks and downs to 26W. 


But I don't undrestand why they said that 1220LV2 has a TDP of 17 Watts and G1610T 35 Watts if in practise is the same in idle state.

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TDP means Thermal Design Power, so how much heat is generated, not how much power it uses.

For instance, the stock CPU cooler is rated to 35w I think it is, yet uses no power at all, so why would it be rated 35w?



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