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Booting fom SSD in ODD via grub.


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I don't remember the thread I found the original info in and since cleared my history..


Long story short if you are using AHCI RAID you need to use GRUB on the internal SD/USB first and then boot into the drive containing the OS you want (My condition TrueNAS).


So the system boots from SD, loads GRUB;

6Wmy3UP.png (653×935)


I select boot manually, then chainload, then select HDD5 which corresponds to the ODD (1-4 at the drives in the main compartment.)


I need to do this every time my server restarts, which so far hasn't been much trouble, but i'm starting to think about what if I'm not nearby or unable to open an iLO connection to it, surely I can tell the GRUB loader on the SD card to just do the options I do, but automatically?



Thanks in advance if anyone can help.


I also took the 4x M92 2TBs I had in my system out and put them in an external cage, so I have a spare schoondoggy bracket (UK) if anyone is interested. Strangely after doing that I kept getting messages in my TrueNAS console about the CPU overheating which I have never gotten before.. might be time to do a re-seat of the cooler/fan with new paste.



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