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Can one WHS backup another WHS ?


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Sorry if this is already answered in the Forums.


Can I use a second WHS to backup my primary WHS?


I know there are tools that I could manually backup my primary WHS but then I would need to remember to do it. I believe that having backups automated is the only sure way to make sure it happens. One of the reasons for the WHS in the first place.


Right now I am just talking about V1. I would use a seperate piece of hardware, especially after hearing Dave talk about "worm hole" experiment of having the second WHS running on the same hardware has the first.


I do duplicate most of my shared folders but I think the backup will only have one copy of the data since the data blocks will be the same. Plus the second WHS can be a small system since it's only purpose is to backup one server.



What do people think? Is this crazy, over kill, a good idea, ...


Thanks in advance for your feedback.


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NT Backup running as a scheduled task will suit you just fine. Or, you could use the second box with a (thinking as I write) Shadow Copy. You could enable Shadow Copies on the primary box and use the storage set on the second as the location and forget the backups, or use a combination of the two.


I too have thought about using this. I so not think using a second V1 box to backup another V1 box will work .....but then again, the only way to know is to test.

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