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Wrong Power Supply - Microserver Gen7 N40L


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I bought a use N40L server.

After looking more carefully, I noticed that the power supply is not original. 

It's a uptown UP-ITX-310T with 200W output power. 

It has 20 pin connector for motherboard, instead of 24 pin connector, like the one on motherboard. 

Another problem I have, is that I can't connect all HDD bays.

And one of power supply connector is cut off.


Despite all of this, the server works.


It's OK to use it like this?


Or should I better find a proper power supply?





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Should be fine. The N40L consumes very little power so the missing 4 pins from the power supply shouldn't matter. They carry redundant/extra power pins for 12V, 5V, 3.3V, and ground.


What do you mean when you say "I can't connect all HDD bays"?

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As you can see in the picture, I have only one Molex connector. 

After that I am using splitter an connect first two HDD bays.


Just come back home from shopping and I was able to find conversion cable from 20 PINS to 24 PINS for the mother board.

Also bought two new Molex splitters and I'll savage one to make a connection from existing cut cable and then use a splitter to connect the other two HDD bays.

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Yup, using Molex splitters should be fine for the very little power consumption you're looking at. I've had success using 1-to-5 Molex splitters without issue.


The 20-to-24 pin adapter is unnecessary and will just make things even more cramped inside. But if you do pull it off, be sure to leave space for air to flow over the CPU.

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Done with changing the power supply cable. 

Added a second MOLEX pair soldered the existing cut cables.

Removed 4 fire unused cable. 

Put them back together and everything works fine.


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