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LSI9217-8i + SAS HDDs = drives not detected after cold boot


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Until few days ago I used without any problem LSI9217-i8 @ HBA mode (updated to latest firmware/bios combo working for G8) with 2x 1TB Samsung SSD + 2x 1TB 2,5" WD RED HDD + 4x 3TB 3,5" WD RED HDD. Recently I replaced 3,5" drives with 4x SAS st6000nm0034 and the first issue appeared. The problem is that after cold boot (from poweroff state) SAS drives are not detected/listed by LSI controller. In the moment when LSI is being initializes I can hear SAS drives spin up but nothing else happens. If I press Force System Reset 


in iLo or perform soft reboot from OS all drives are detected and work fine except for iLo that display "Status : Failed" for all SAS drives event that they work fine in the OS and I can read/write them without any errors.


 My theory is that the SAS drives spin up too late and there's some timeout involved but I did try to tune some of few parameters inside LSI BIOS without any luck. Is there any way to make these driver work with 9217 or I should replace SAS controler? If so what model?



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