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Mr Bill

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Good day,


I am looking to get a 2 drive, preferably 4 drive NAS. I am looking at setting the unit up as JBOD so no duplication. I am looking for input from you as to what you have seen that is good/not so good. I believe that I would like the unit to have eSATA, but I would only use that to back up the BDBB files.


I am looking for a unit with no drives that I can add drives to as they are needed and come down in price. I am not sure if the current NAS’s will work with the new 3TB drives or not, something to think about for the future.



I look forward to your comments, thoughts, and recommendations.


Have a great day.



Mr. Bill

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I would suggest USB 3.0 not eSata especially for BDBB. Many of the current NAS units such as the Synology or the drobo will handle the 3T drives but you will have to double check. In terms of which one, these thngs are too expensive to recommend. If all your are doing is bdbb, then I would go for a 3t external USB 3.0





OR (no 3T support)



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Although I have a Synology, I tend to agree with pc-doc; for what you get they are pretty expensive, and the quality of most of them is a cut below typical PC quality IMHO.

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