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No sensor data on Windows 10


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Hey everyone :)


I recently bought a used Gen8 to replace my current NAS which is in use for ages now. On the time buying the seller showed some pics of the server running clearly showing temperature data while booting. When the server arrived and I powered it up I noticed the Inlet Ambient Temperature showed 0C on boot which started worrying me. After installing the OS and the additional drivers including the Agentless Management Service I logged into the ILO because the fan were spinning really fast thus producing a heavy amount of noise.


The curious thing is that the server wont get ANY sensor data from the system. All temperature sensors are "not installed" and even the fan is shown as Status OK but spins at 0% speed according to the ILO. Could it really be that each and every sensor is broken at the same time? That sounds so unlikely to me but I dont find any disconnected cable or something like that. HWiNFO on the other hand is showing sensor data, like CPU temperature and so on...


I already updated everything I found on the HP website like BIOS, ILO etc. to the newest version available. I will add an overview about the installed software versions once I spin it up again.


When googling for that problem I found this forum where many threads about the Gen8 exists. So I'm hoping that someone could give me a hint on what to do. Maybe there is a "hidden" cable that got disconnected on transit or anything like that?

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