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How annoying is one drive !


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Okay I seem to have gotten off on the wrong foot with one drive, our several year old Lenovo Think Pad seemed to have its Hard drive wire fail (but You Tube indicates it is likely bad soldering on the board) Anyway I had made a full Microsoft System backup as well as 1 with file history and 1 with Clonezilla.org . Neither windows backup is great restoring to another computer as the system backup is only good to the same computer and the file history backup does not do the applications and requires using a PE USB just for the files.


Anyway the closest equivalent available computer with seeming improvents, purchased was a Dell. Take it home a 100 miles away to find no Ethernet port built in. Argh , Yes one can buy a $12.00 extender including USB's but its another thing to carry.


So being a new setup of Windows 10 and capable of upgrade to 11 it asks if I want 5 gigs of space while pushing the Office upgrade to a Terabyte. Well okay, I will try the 5 Gigs but no I don't want to buy Office at this time. And I probably saw the save space box and thought save space makes sense. Then as I could not do a system restore I was doing the File history restore and pretty soon I am getting the 5 Gigs is full, delete files, as well as the message. "Where are my files"  So the only good thing is I still have the backup and even the disk from the Thinkpad computer now sitting in a external USB case,  but really. Is everybody willing to trust the documents and pictures to One Drive when deleting there is deleting them also from the hard drive as they were moved there?


Not me.


As mentioned I still have my files as I only copied them to the new computer. I did not move them.  I even have them back on the original as a 2nd slot was available for a 2042 M2 Sata drive  as compared to the longer NVME drive that used a short cable and but it took a while to find a correct 2nd drive, and fix.


But really, I expected an operating system vender would not set up the Files and photos to be the folders to auto upload. They have that fuzzy wuzzy cloud logo folder couldn't they just have added that to the list as









and maybe inside that  Cloud folder another C-Documents and C-Photos that would automatically duplicate?


So if nothing else could someone suggest how maybe one could put that Cloud folder with the others as shown above? 

Even if the Documents and Photos are still named the same within.


Otherwise I guess its Googles 15Gigs only for me.










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