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That a company can make so much of its installed base obsolete, when it could have engineered a way forward, shows that it has too much power and no respect for its customer base.


Windows 11 is on a par with Vista: a 'pretty' update for the benefit of the vendor and its close partners.

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Haven't tried it yet but already know my newish PC build will take it, as for work, we'l wait but if it gives me more budget to buy new laptops then I'm ok with that..

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Microsoft is particularly bad at trying to imitate  apple ( or google) rather than accepting what it is.


the reason we use windows isnt because its better than linux or Mac OS , its because its everywhere and runs everything and runs on almost everything.    


by cutting off a large part of the base -  Well, I can see  "ZUNE"  all over this again


running Linux Mint on  a dual boot  ,  within a week,  I was perhaps 80 % functionality versus my 30 year experience in running windows.   Will only get better   I have my wife on ChromeOS -   she doesnt see any difference.   





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I think it's nice with an update.


First, Windows hasn't been seriously updated for almost 6 years, so an updated UI was more than overdue.


It was beginning to feel dated and still had lots of old UI's popping up here and there instead of a more consistent design. Still room for improvement and simplification IMO.


It’s, in some way competitor, macOS, has been updated quite a bit over the past years.


I really can't blame Microsoft for trying to strengthen the security. With millions of infected Windows PCs in botnets performing DDOS attacks and disrupting companies businesses, you just can't underestimate the importance of IT security on everyone's PC. And Microsoft has a big responsibility IMO to do something about IT security, due to it's huge market share.


Sure, older PC’s may not be able to run Windows 11, but  Windows 10 is still supported for quite some years. And honestly, I don’t expect my old hardware to be able to run the latest OS.


I’m really happy with my Windows 11 that I have been running for quite some months now on my 3 PCs, and I’m enjoying the new look & feel every day.


My 9 year old Xeon E3-1230v2 & motherboard doesn’t support it, but I’m fine with that. It’s so old anyway.

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