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P222 Controller not seeing drives?


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I have recently installed a P222 controller on my Gen8 but it doesn't see any of my SAS drives?

It can see the SSD OS drive fine but nothing else.


OS 2012 R2



Here's what I see via the SSA:




I have the cache module but I've removed it from the card as I don't have the battery?  Has this got something to do with it?

Any help would be much appreciated.





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17 hours ago, schoondoggy said:

It looks like you are running it in HBA mode versus RAID, is that how you want it configured?

What SAS drives are you trying to use with it?


Hi - thanks for the reply.


Yeah I'm running HBA mode as I just thought I'd change it to see if it made a difference - plus I only have 1 SAS drive at present. 

The drive is a HP MB2000FBUCL

PN - 638521-001


Do you know if I can run the card without the cache module and if I do need the cache module do I then need the capacitor too?


Thanks again


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20 hours ago, schoondoggy said:

Is the SSD installed in one of the front bays?

Did you move the cable from the system board to the P222?

Thanks for your help.  Managed to get it working in the end.  Not entirely sure what the fix was tbh.

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