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VSAN saga continues with cmmds error


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I have an issue that I have been struggling with for several days and cannot get past it. I am not sure where to turn next. What could be causing this?


I have a Microserver G8. In it I have two intel enterprise 960GB SSD disks connected  to the motherboard's SATA controller. I have patched BIOS on the microserver  and am running the HP distributed ESXi 6.5 for Gen <9. 


When I try and create a disk group I always get a long delay and the same error.:

A general system error occurred: Disk with VSAN uuid 523c4ea7-fc66-7a23-6dce-abae0aebe53a failed to appear in CMMDS


What am I doing wrong?

Is this a hardware/BIOS configuration issue, or something from within ESXi?

Is it something I am doing wrong in creating the disk group, and could using esxcli fix it?


I am at a loss of what to do next...

- Would a Microserver Gen 10 Plus resolve the issue?

- Do I need different SSD disks?

- Or, do I need a HBA storage card?

- Do I need to use an earlier version of ESXi, as I know people have had earlier versions working?


Thanks for anything that can help me through this?


PS I have put this issue on teh vmware forum, but not got a response so am psoting it here too. I will be cross posting the solution, when I find one!

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