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Advice re Heatsink Required.


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Hi guys.Great forum.Glad to be aboard.I have just got on the microserver gen 8 bandwagon and am in the process of modding mines.I was wondering if anyone on here knew the dimensions of the ilo chip on the board as i intend to add a heatsink to it.I have the heatsink for the lom chip on order though short of disconnecting everyhing and pulling the board to measure the ilo chip i have no way of determining the size to order correct heatsink.If possible i do not want to pull board and then put it back and have to pull it again to install heatsink.I would rather pull the board out once rather than twice as the psu connector takes a bit of finnese to unclip and would rather not stress board twice by doing this if i can get away with it once.Sorry for the long winded post but if anyone can give me dimensions for the ilo chip i would be extremely grateful.Thanks in advance.

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