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p222 with not work on my microserver g8


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I have a microserver g8 and a p222 card (without a memory card and flashed to the latest 8.32 firmware). 


I cannot get the card to show any disks in esxi 6.7.0. I can see the card, but I cannot get it to display any disks at all. 


What is going on?


Any clues of what I am doing wrong?


Why could it not be showing the disks?


When it boots it says "1803 cache module not installed". 


Does this mean even if I want to use it as a HBA I still need to have a cache fitted?


The HPE spec sheet says that this is the correct storage controller, though mine does have a different code on it (633537-001). 


>>>HPE Smart Array P222/512 FBWC 6Gb 1-port Int/1-port Ext SAS Controller 631667-B21

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Thank you. I tried just with a few different versions and could not get the SSA iso to boot. 


I have now given up and decided to go down the brand-new SATA route with the onboard controller. 


To be honest, it was a bit of a toss up anyway:

- the controller uses up the single slot, which stops me from ever having 10Gbe networking

- I would need to use four 3TB SAS drives to give me 12TB. This means that I cannot ever have a flash only vSAN and expaning it would mean replacing those drives, or trying to get some more in

- the smaller disks and controller board use somewhat more energy and and give it out as heat, which I then need to use more energy to remove with the AC during the summer


Thanks for youe help. A great forum. 

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