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Unable to boot form Port 5


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i have problem with my G8 (4x 2TB = 2x RAID1 linux md in bays and 80gb on port 5 in caddy):

Two days ago after normal reboot machine (Xenserver) would not come back on network  with "non system disk error" form bios.
My first thought was that old laptop disk was broken. I have replaced it with SSD and installed new system on it but after reboot i still wasn't able to boot form it.
So i have connected old drive to different machine and it just worked (without any SMART problems). I have swapped drives back and checked if RAID 0 is on this single HDD on port 5. Everyting is in order, this setup worked for couple of years without any problems and now it wont.


If i switch sata to AHCI bios lists 5 drives.
Is b120 faulty?


I consider:
- buying P400 P410 or P420 just to boot form 5th drive
- booting from USB and pointing drive to boot 

What other  options do i have?


Best regards


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when you have a drive on port 5 from the sata port on motherboard make sure to set this array first as raid 0 and set it to boot from that array in the ssa.Then set your other arrays up on the 4 front bays.You have obviously done this as you had it working for a couple of years.Also you mention usb.You can boot from a drive in the usb port inside the server and use the 4 hdd bays for your storage.Taking into consideration all of your drives are working then there may be the possibillity that the b120i on the board is bad.In my experience b120i has to be in raid mode and not ahci to boot from port 5.You could install a p222 or p420 etc in the pcie slot and take the cable for the cage and plug it into that then take a sas to sata breakout cable and plug that into the sas port on motherboard and plug sata 1 on the breakout to your boot drive.If going this route make sure you have a forward breakout cable and not a reverse one.Obviously this will not help if the b120i is damaged.If that was the case you could buy a p420 with two internal ports and hang the boot drive from one and the front cage from the other.Be aware that these smartarray cards do run hot in the microserver and you may have to come up with an internal cooling solution or turn cooling up to increased in the microserver bios.These cards will run hot and report temps of 80-85 degrees c in the ilo dashboard and state that is ok.I let one run at that a p222 and then it failed on me so whether the card was at fault or whether the temps were at fault i do not know as ilo reported it as ok.I hope that helps and i hope you get back up and running.Regards.Charlie

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