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Seeking recommendations as to what I might need to do, to get input I enter, working


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I'm still working from home (YEAH!), but recently I've been experiencing some problems inputting using my work laptop. I've got an older HP laptop. Later I'll turn it off to try and read what model it is. I can't right now, I'm using it. I have a docking station that came with the laptop. I've got a second monitor, a dongle for the mouse and keyboard, all connected to the docking station. Whenever I have an online meeting, I'll connect a gaming headset I purchased just before the pandemic hit, into the only USB port I have access to on the laptop. The other USB port on the laptop is blocked by the docking station.


Last weekend I purchased a new Microsoft keyboard and mouse, because the old ones needed to be replaced. The new keyboard and mouse connect wirelessly via a dongle, which like I said, is connected to one of the USB ports on the docking station.


The problem that started for me this week is I noticed that at random times, the laptop stopped accepting input from both the mouse and keyboard. However, I could still receive things like email notifications, sound (if I were involved in an online meeting), etc. So, the laptop wasn't frozen, it was just that anything I did with the mouse or keyboard wasn't working. I talked with my IT group. They suggested moving the dongle to another port, which initially seemed to work, but then the problem came back. It's random, but it is very disruptive.


Now today, when I was in an online meeting, I unmuted myself and started to talk. No one could hear me. So, it's the same sort of problem - the laptop wasn't accepting my input (my voice) when I was using it. And this time I was using the USB port on the laptop. I could go around it by calling in with my phone. I could still see what anyone might be doing, if they shared their desktop and I could hear them.


That's the problems I'm facing. Here's some possible solutions I've thought of.


The laptop does have 2 USB ports, but due to the docking station being in the way, I only have access to one of them. I'm hoping that the problem I experienced during today's Zoom meeting was a fluke. If I get remove the docking station, then I could use both of the laptop's USB ports. Only problem with this is I don't have a charging cable for the laptop. Since it's an older laptop I figure I could probably find one on Ebay. At least once I learn what model HP laptop it is.


The second solution I came up with is purchasing one of those things (I don't know what it's called) that you can plug into a computer's USB port, which gives you two or more USB ports. I've got one of those on my personal desktop. And it might even be better if the "thing" comes with its own power supply.


Between these two solutions, or a third that you may suggest, which action do you recommend I take?

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Have you tried going back to the old keyboard and mouse to see if the issue goes away?

What are the model numbers for the new keyboard and mouse?

How many USB ports are on the docking station?

Is the laptop running the latest BIOS?

Model number for the laptop and docking station?

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I've not gone back to the old keyboard & mouse. (Was going to pass it down to my daughter)


Model number of new keyboard & mouse: 1531, 1557, 1461 (that's what's on the box - not sure which goes with which)


The docking station has 4 USB ports, 2 DisplayPorts


Model # for the laptop: HP EliteBook 850 G4

Model # for the docking station: HP 2013 UltraSlim Docking Station

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Was the old keyboard and mouse wireless?

How close is your router to the new wireless keyboard and mouse?

What is the distance between the dongle and the keyboard and mouse? 


Sorry, I should have added, these keyboards seem to have an issue with too much distance between the dongle and the keyboard.

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