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Will this GPU fit into Microserver Gen8?


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Hello folks,

i´m planning to use a GPU with the Microserver Gen8. I need

it for video transcoding with iSpy.

I want to know if this video card will fit into the Microserver Gen8 :


It´s a passively cooled GT 1030 with GDDR5. Dimensions are 167x55mm.

Will there be issues? Something else to note when setting up a gpu with

the Microserver Gen8 ? Please let me know.


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Hello again,

thanks for the recommendation. I discovered that transcoding with a GT1030 wont work since it doesnt come with NVENC. iSpy uses ispy ffmpeg. My error 😅 Im currently thinking about buying one of those two cards:

PNY Quadro P400


PNY Quadro T400



The second one is interesting. Would this theoretically work with Microserver Gen8? Dimensions are 156x69mm, Single Slot with low Profile Bracket already installed.

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I received the card and put it in my server. I can confirm that the card works in the Microserver Gen8! 

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Hi....I do have a Proliant Microserver (Gen 8 with Xeon CPU) at my Dad's home which is genuinely nice spec. I use it for RDP as a far off PC. It does all that I need aside from mess around which is normal given its incorporated Matrox G200 designs chip.

Clearly I am not anticipating that it should be a gaming force to be reckoned with yet I am trusting I will actually want to improve it for gaming than my PC. (Dell Inspiron 7559 with a devoted Nvidia GTX 960M)

In view of that, does anybody suggest an illustrations card appropriate for the Gen8 Proliant Microserver? I generally play RTS games (Company of Heroes 2) so I'm trusting I will discover something appropriate.


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