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I miss Drivepool / Drive Scanner


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Had the occasion to fire up a few drives in a repurposed machine, and for the hell of it,  I installed my copy of Drivepool/Drive Scanner on it


Dam -   I miss being able to use this software.    It works so well and is so transparent and easy to use


especially after last year's  Western Digital  SHR/Raid Fiasco    I like my QNAP but   a Raid failure  sorta scares me 


Would consider going  back to a Windows 10 based Server.  



Hey Covecube,  I would buy the software again if you had a version for FreeNas/OpenMediaVault  / Linux    !!!


( I have posted this a couple of times in their forums)







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Chris who does their tech support used to be on here a bit, cant remember what his username was though, tag him and see if he has any input I know they are a small team though so this might not even be on their radar..

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