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In 2021 How to upgrade the N54L


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In 2021,the performance of n54l is relatively backward so I really want to know  how to upgrade performance of n54l .

Maybe we can customize a motherboard for n54l.


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Once you've installed an SSD to run the OS and increased the memory to 8GB I think you're at the limit.


Better perhaps to sell the device and use the money to purchase a replacement server.

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16GB is the RAM limit. 


I still have three N40L running.... a firewall, a DHCP/DNS server, and a NAS.


They're 10 years old and IMO, still fine for light duty work.

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But I don't think memory can improve performance.

Debatable. :)


I used to have one of the N40L running ESXi with 5 VMs.... Windows Server 2019, PCNS, Home Assistant, Pi-Hole, and Nagios. Except for Windows Server, the rest were relatively small programs, though, 8GB just won't cut it.


The HP G7 Microserver motherboard layout, including screw holes, case IO holes, etc., are proprietary. It's not impossible to modify the case so it can take maybe a mini-ITX, but it's just too much work and mess for something with little gain, IMO.

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