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Upgrade time?


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I have the following for home use / lab:


Microserver Gen 8 - Brought Nov 14 - G1610T - 16GB Ram - 2012R2
ML10V2 - Brought Nov 15 - E3-1271 v3 - 32GB Ram - 2012R2


The ML10V2 has 4 HD's in the main cage for data, 4 SSD's in a cage in the 5 1/4 DVD area for VM's and data, all 8 running of a flashed IBM M1015, and also 2 SSDs just at the back of the 5 1/4 DVD area in Raid 1 running of the B120i for OS boot. 


The Microserver Gen8 in the 4 bay cage has a SSD for boot, another SSD for VM data, 2 HD's for data, and a 2 1/2 HD in optical area for data.


The ML10V2 is the "main" server, and Microserver Gen 8 the "backup" server. They both run Windows 2012R2, with Hyper-v installed. I run a selection of VM's for my weather station, Wi-FI controller, AD, Plex, BlueIris (CCTV) and Exchange, and others that I use here and there for testing. Some of the Vm's are replicated from the main to backup server. This is for backup, and to allow the vm to be started on the backup server while the main is taken down for maintenance / reboot. My data is also replicated from the main to backup server, and I also copy data to portable HD's for further backup.


Some of the VM servers are 2016, but most are 2012R2 and the exchange is 2008R2. 


I installed exchange many years ago (2003 I think, though currently use exchange 2010) for testing, and this was before mainstream providers like google took off, and I started using it for phone active sync (again before this took off mainstream), and I have just carried on using it.  


Though everything seems to be running ok, wondering if its time to start thinking about upgrading. The servers are nearly 6 and 7 years old, and think the OS on them could do with updating. I have some server 2016 keys I can use (from working in IT), but could also maybe get some 2019 keys. I could just go with rebuilding one of the servers, and then the other, but am wondering if a new server to replace the Microserver Gen 8 may be also be a better idea, then I can build a new server up from scratch, swap stuff over from the ML10V2, make the new server the main, then rebuild the ML10V2 as the backup.


I am used to HP servers (as worked with them), and looking around it seems the current tower servers are ML30 Gen10 or ML110 Gen10, though looks like they are several years old, and haven't really looked into what the difference is between them. I see there is a Microserver Gen10 (and plus), but don't think that will have the space in it for the disks I use for the main server.


Are there any other good choices for tower servers, I know there are Dell and Fujitsu, but not had much (any) experience with them. What are people choosing / using these days.


Also need to decide what I do about the exchange server. Not sure I really need to host my own these days, but I still want iPhone (active sync) email, and to not have to change email address's (i.e I would need to point / use my own domain name). Again, what do other people use, are there any good freeware / linux solutions these days, and what about using 3rd party hosted (exchange) email.  




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I strongly prefer new equipment to keep up with performance and new standards.

For example my old HP Microservers cannot be upgraded to Windows 11 Pro and the machines are feeling increasingly sluggish.

Something you did not mention: networking. Time to move up to 5G or 10G and Thunderbolt 4.


Like the idea of introducing a new server while the old is still available too - no worries about accidents 😞


All Tier1 servers good ... worth looking at DELL's Outlet Store for some bargains if you are patient.


I'm inclined to a DIY build e.g. Converged 10G Home Storage Network - Critique my Build List - RESET Forums (homeservershow.com)



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Thanks. I was leaning towards new (more 🙂 ) equipment, it can be set up first, and then stuff moved across, as you say hopefully less chance of accidents.


I found a 6 month old (apparently used for demo) ML30 G10 on ebay for just over £600, had 32GB ram, and 2 256GB SSD's, so decided to go for it. The base model new was about the same price, so getting a faster cpu and the extra ram and disks. Just have to hope I can register it ok on the HP site to be able to get Service Packs etc. 


Haven't really thought about network update yet, thought the faster stuff was still quite expensive.


That server you are thinking of building looks good, that seems one hell of a pc case to take that many disks.  

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