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Amazon Prime Day Deal I picked up #eero


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Anyone notice Prime Day came and went without a single post here on HSS/RESET forums? I woke up on Prime Day and I had a bazillion posts in my feed including one from my local newspaper. My local paper was pimping Prime Day. I decided not to bombard you with more of the same. Thanks for your patronage. David McCabe is creating Podcasts, Blogs, Forums, and Videos | Patreon


So, I purchased one thing during Prime Day. One thing only. Eero 6 AP. I had some coupon for $10 on Prime Day and then used some points to get it down to very cheap. I think they had it at $99.


I'm still running Ubiquity. Everything has been great since I got rid of the Dream Machine. I now run the controller on a decade old Mac Mini.  Using the Synology Router RT2600AC just for its router capabilities. I may put this 6 in the family room or garage. Not sure yet. It could also replace the router I guess. I'll have to check it out first.  Now that I think about it, I may set it up as a router and double NAT just to check out the router capabilities of it. It's been a while since I sold all my eero gear.


That's it. What do you guys think?


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yes I found it odd. I only bought from my current shopping list

  • crimp tool for pass-thru connectors
  • gigabit poe switch
  • 480gb ssd

searching by % discount was amazingly boring

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