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Is there any other way I could upgrade my old desktop to use Windows 11?


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I didn't watch the announcement on Windows 11. I miscalculated the time it started, so missed the whole thing. I got the PC Health Check app, installed it on all the machines I have and ran it. I found that all but my desktop, are capable of running Windows 11. The PC Health Check app told me that my desktop's CPU is too old. Not surprising, since it is 7 years old.


I want to upgrade ASAP. I am a Windows software developer, so being on the current, released version, is important to my job and business. I've got a few months to come up with some resolution to this dilemma. Of course, one option is to go out and get a new rig, or build my own, but at this point I don't want to build my own. I'm wondering if I can dodge this bullet by replacing the motherboard. Or is there some other approach I could take. Or is it just better I save up some money to purchase a good developer machine for myself?

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Hi Rodf


Even if your CPU is not on the supported list, Windows 10 may still work. But you need to give it at try.


If Windows 11 support is important to your job and your rig is 7 years old - I would consider replacing it with new gear. Replacing motherboard & CPU & RAM will bring your PC up to speed, but buying a complete new machine might not be that more expensive than upgrading (as an upgrade essentially is replacing all the expensive components).


And you may also be able to get a few bucks for the old one to help financing the new one.





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Rodf: I have made the same mistake you are thinking of making. For years I held onto one of the first DELL 3007 30" monitors: a beauty to behold when it was new ...

...  but by the time I parted with it the device was junk. I worked out how to make my photographs look good on that monitor ... and then how to decrease the brightness so that they looked nice on prints too. For years I spent many an hour, every day,  looking at a faded screen.


For ****'s sake buy a new development PC, already. (No offence intended.) And probably a dual-screen setup. NVME storage.


When I was working in a large company, I suggested buying the small number of top developers a near state of the art PC every year or so ... and recirculating the 'old' devices down the chain. We always bought dozens of new low spec. PC's every year anyway.


Give the old box to a charity, school or friend/neighbour with a light computing need, FOC.


Run Windows 10 for backwards compatibility in a VM (you want W11 Professional anew).

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