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HP Microserver N40L woes


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My old HP N40L Microserver has been running for over 8 years but the other day I lost one of the SSDs in the Raid 1 OS arrays. I’m using an HP P410i Raid controller configured as Raid 1 - 2 x 250GB SSDs for the OS, Windows Home Server 2011 and Raid 5 - 4 x 4TB HHDs for the data volume.


I moved the sever to another table, but on reboot I was greeted to the message that a boot device was not found. I checked the logical and physical drives in the HP raid manager (F8 just after the RAID controller initialisation) and all disks are listed OK apart from the failed SSD.


i‘ve also tried booting from the WHS2011 installation which I have on a USB stick, but it doesn’t load properly. It gets as far as displaying the Windows logo, but then hangs with the mouse pointer on a black screen.


I was in the process of moving data to the iCloud when this happened, so most of it has been copied over apart form a few home videos and my DVD & BD rips.


interestingly, I’ve been able to read both SSDs from the Raid 1 array connected via USB to my Windows 10 laptop, so I‘m really not sure what’s going on.


Any ideas on how I can retrieve the data from the data volume?



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