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Remotewebaccess.com - Cert not renewing / Cant re-setup domain


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I have tried to google and so far found no results. Hoping somebody else has this and can help.


I have 3 different servers setup using Server 2016 Essentials or the Essentials role. They are all configured with a remotewebaccess.com domain.

Recently in the daily health email, they have all had BPA notes flagging a soon-expiring cert.

I couldnt seem to 'repair' this using the repair button. As the expiry was still a month away at the time, I kinda left it. Waiting to see if it would renew itself closer the time.


Today one of my servers actually had a separate warning on the health email stating the anywhere access cert was about to expire.

I followed the steps to try and fix it, which didnt do anything.


Next I thought ill release the name and re-register (risky I know... :|) and now I cannot setup a new remotewebaccess.com domain.

I get the prompt for my Microsoft account creds, then a loading bar followed by:



I waited a while, same issue. I rebooted the server. Same issue.


Anybody else had this and have any suggestions for a fix?


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Thank you!

That worked on the first server I tested with.

The other 2 I need to try remember what account I used to register the dam remotewebaccess.com domain with. :(



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55 minutes ago, xPETEZx said:

Found the accounts I needed, and all 3 servers now fixed and happy. 


Thanks again.

You're welcome. I'm glad to hear that it worked out for you.


Clearly Microsoft's SBS/Essentials servers are not a priority any more. Sadly.


Br, Bjorn

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