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SOLVED: Bad transfer speed was dead HDD


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Hi Guys, had an issue with my N36L that didn't present as the fault it turned out to be so thought I would capture here for others, symptoms = the N36L web page interface became sluggish and more importantly the transfer speed was very low - a few MBytes/s compared to the 110 MBytes/s

1. As has happened before and the reason I run RAID5 I suspected a HDD failure, asking the N36L it reported the system as HEALTHY (I could write to it) and Smart checks on the HDDs showed nothing

2. Again, from previous experience make a NEW USB boot.  Transfer speed came back to normal but this only lasted around 20m before going back to a few Mbytes/s again

3. In a bid to determine N36L hardware failure (the NIC in particular) or HDD issue(s) I bought an N40L off Gumtree and transplanted the HDD (after BIOS upgrade of course) but issue remained.  I also asked the unit to copy something to itself internally and this speed was equally as slow

4. I had noticed a longer delay than normal in the system getting ready so I connected a monitor and watched the BOOT, 2 things I noticed were a slight pause on some hard drive scanning line (though it reported OK) and then a long wait for "Recovering Journal"

5. Now fully suspecting a HDD failure I pulled them one a time and booted - stopping before full boot.  When I pulled one of the drives I didn't get the 2 items I noticed in point 4 (no journal recovery attempt).  I swapped this out for the spare HDD I keep (for HDD failure) and let it rebuild overnight.  During the rebuild transfer speed was full (110 MBytes/s) and the web interface was usual speed too

Hope this helps someone out in the future, apologies if posted before.  Glad I fixed it as I nearly bought a DS620 slim at $700 AUD

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