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Has any one been testing/using the Open Source  'JellyFin' Media server ?


I've been testing it as an alternative to Plex


it is based on the open source portion of Emby and has similar features to plex and Emby


So far I've been impressed, like most open source projects it has a few rough edges


servers and clients are available for a variety of platforms


My main issue  is that the QNAP server runs in a docker instance,  as a docker 'virgin' , its rather daunting.  The windows 10 server runs fine


'free' has its own charm,  but I have some other concerns about the future of Plex


1)  the live tv/dvr experience is a mess  For me would be the only compelling reason to pay for a plex pass

2)  they keep trying to add crappy features, like retro games and such

3)  they have been bought and are heading in the wrong direction for me,  gonna really mess up the user experience





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I agree with you on what's happening with Plex. And it's not just them... practically every product I'm heavily invested in is getting "crappier" to a certain extent; Plex, Ubiquiti, Untangle, Wyze, IFTTT... just to name a few. And chances are, most other replacement solutions would be heading into that direction sooner or later. 


For that, I've decided to stick it out with Plex, at least for the foreseeable future, for two reasons... I already have Plex Pass and I don't have it in me to setup another platform then mess up what me and my family is already familiar with.


The problem with these outfits is that, most of them have stopped listening to their community and decisions are now being dictated by corporate greed.

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I will also stay with Plex for the near term, but as a window media center refugee, I dont want to be unprepared when Plex finally goes to far

The money quote from the press release for me

"The solution, the service believes, is to create an aggregator that will allow users to find what they want. Plex will also help users discover new content with personalized recommendations."

So in plain english, they will mine your content in order to push stuff on to you.

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1 hour ago, Al_Borges said:

mine your content in order to push stuff on to you.

doesn't everyone?

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Ah yes, Windows MCE. That monstrosity catapulted me to where me and my media mess is right now. :D Well, not quite. Before MCE, I used HDD-based "media tanks" as they were called. But MCE exposed me to the look and feel of a proper media center and I was hooked since.


Also went through XBMC (before it was renamed to Kodi) because of the many limitations of MCE. Beyond that, the writings on the wall pointed to an eventual abandonment of MCE by Microsoft. So then, I finally ended up with Plex Media Server sometime in 2013-2014. That was a time when mobile devices started to become prevalent and I needed a platform that can do the transcoding on the fly for these devices. Plex was the clear winner at the time.


There's a lot more that happened in between which is probably going to be off-topic. Anybody remember the WD TV Live? lol


BTT: As for Plex, I'd give credit where it is due. At least they're transparent with how they intend to use the data they collect from your media. And it does make sense. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, et al, does it. (I'm aware of the slight difference between online vs offline content). That said, it would be better if there was a way in Plex to opt out of it.

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doesn't everyone?
Its one thing for netflix, for example, to make suggestions based on what you have seen on netflix

Its another to take an inventory of your entire media library and sell it

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    • okepi_malin
      By okepi_malin
      Hi everybody.
      I have a Gen8 G1610T since 2 years and I am very happy with it. I use it to only host my Plex Server with 3*2Tb drives.
      I bought for a cheap price (40€) a Xeon E3-1220v2 and I have question about it. I have read Elvisdk's topic about temperature with G1610T default heatsink on 1220v2 and I wonder if play (and transcode) 1080p movies with 4 cores enable will be ok or too hot ? Did I must enable only 2 cores to be safe ?
      I cannot compare Elvisdk's temperature with wPrime burnt with the temperatures generated by Plex because I don't know them with a E3-1220v2...
      Thanks for your feedback.
    • npapanik
      By npapanik
      I was wondering whether the dual core X3216 in the Gen10 Microserver would be adequate for Plex server transcoding 1080p movies. I currently have a N40L which obviously struggles at this...
    • cDuck28Z
      By cDuck28Z
      Good evening,
      I'm new to the forums, and brand new to servers in general. I recently purchased a used T620 and hope to have win10 installed with a raid 6 array of 5 8TB drives expandable to 8 as required shortly. This machine will be the backbone of a network set up for our squadron for personal use (file sharing, media streaming, etc.). I've mulled over a lot of ideas on how to properly set up the network, but being so new to it all I'm afraid I've fallen short. Here are some of the ideas/requirements I'm hoping for:
      1. NAS and file sharing
      2. Controlling/limiting who is logged in, and how many instances of the same login can access the network simultaneously (trying to limit user name and password sharing)
      3. Plex or Kodi media server with streaming
      4. Gaming server for games like WoW or Minecraft
      5. Continuous video recording (security cam for my state room)
      6. Chat client
      7. Console server for xBox, PS4, etc (probably as simple as a LAN thing but worth asking)
      8. Accessing my NAS from the internet one home from deployment like a personal cloud
      - For the NAS (1), I would really prefer to be in control of the file structure. Having a directory where others can drop files and folders, but the bulk of the file file structure would be read only for the users and I can place new content accordingly. Additionally, if each person could have their own small (20-50gb) amount of space for personal storage only they could access?
      - Controlling user login - I will be providing most of the hardware, including the server, for the squadron so it would be great to recoup a little bit of that up front cost. My idea was to provide permanent access to the network for $20 (for a 7 month deployment). with an expected 50-70 users, it's not a lot but it can help cover a bit of a multi-thousand machine. To do so, I am interested in limiting each user to one login and it ca only be used one at a time. I know this won't prevent everyone from sharing but hopefully it will encourage individual use. 
      - Plex or Kodi would be a great feature to help with #2 on the list. Plex might get a bit resource intensive but it does look nicer than Kodi IMO. 
      - I like to play Minecraft and thought my friends might enjoy exploring a world together. This one shouldn't be too hard on Win10 to set up. Other games might be more of a challenge but again, just throwing out some possible ideas
      - Personal security camera should also be pretty easy to set up on Win10
      - A chat client would be great because our rooms will probably be pretty far away. Might just be a simple program? I really liked how NextCloud has it built right into their OS, but seeing as how I'm going to be using this as a personal machine as well as a server, I am trying to avoid running a dedicated OS for that reason.
      -I believe the console server can be handled by the individual consoles. 2 or 3 xBox's on the same LAN should see each other without any other hardware?
      -Once we return from deployment, I would like to be able to access my NAS like a cloud server.
      The machine that I got is a professional grade server, but hopefully Windows 10 wiill be adequate and robust enough to handle these tasks however. I see advantages to using software like Synology DiskStation Manager, FreeNAS, or NextCloud, but none of these seem perfect for the job, and I still need a windows machine for deployment. Unfortunately, I also don't have the IT background or experience necessary to run a Windows Server 2008 for example, so relying on Windows 10 seems most logical to me. 
      I'm looking forward to your suggestions and help!
      Thank you for your time. 
    • ETBrown
      By ETBrown
      I am finally replaced my custom built desktop PC after about 5 years. 
      Now that I have a retired computer with a decent pair of video cards I want to dip my toe into cryptocurrency mining.  Although I realize the old equipment won't produce as much per watt as newer graphics cards, I already have 2 HD 7870's that will just collect dust if I don't do something with the system.  There are also a few older components lying around so I've been contemplating repurposing my old computer and components to create computers for the following roles:
      A dedicated storage server that would also host my Plex media server and backup content locally.  (Yes a NAS box could do this, but I already have PC parts and don't want to spend $1k+ on a NAS box that can accomodate all of my 4TB and 6TB drives). A cryptocurrency mining rig A router/firewall replacement  
      I'm new to mining and know that the mining rig needs graphics cards, but how significant of a difference does the CPU make in a mining rig?  I can either use an Intel Core i7-3770K or an Intel Core i3-3250.  The dilemma is that the i7 should be able to transcode roughly twice the number of simultaneous streams (4) that the i3 can transcode (2+) based on the PassMark scores.  I don't want to mine on the same machine as my Plex server since my previous mining attempt created OS stability problems.
      Does memory make a large difference in cryptocurrency mining?  I can either use 32 GB of ram or 16GB of ram.
      Lastly, would it be better to combine the storage/Plex server and router/firewall roles into a single computer and run each as a VM?  What do others recommend for this? I've heard about Pfsense and watched a few setup videos, but that appears to be designed to run on a dedicated system.
      Thank you in advance to those that have constructive feedback for me.
    • Jason
      By Jason
      Just started playing around with 4K encoding.  Picked up a TiVo Bolt+.  Supports direct streaming playback of HEVC (H.265) locally.  Have an "old" Intel Core i5-3570K Ivy Bridge CPU in my Windows Server 2012 R2 box.  It takes nearly 4-5 hrs to encode a 1 hr. media file to HEVC 4K 3840x2160 resolution MP4/MKV using Handbrake with QuickSync support.  Seems to be a common media requirement for Roku, TiVo, etc. else Plex will automatically transcode the video to 1080p.  Excruciating to say the least.
      Wondered whether anyone else has experience encoding HEVC 4K format. Not sure whether a CPU or CPU+motherboard/chipset upgrade on this server would be a drastic performance improvement.  Else I'll just continue to batch process these media files.
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