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Microserver Gen8 - repurposed for Chia Farming

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Anyone tried this?


I was thinking of using the onboard controller for mass storage (4 x 16TB drives), and then pop in an add-in PCI-E card for NVME SSDs for plotting, with a SATA SSD still being used as the boot drive.  I know you can't boot from the NVME on this server, that's why I would keep the SATA SSD in place, as a boot-only drive.


Just first pass on my thought process, wanted to get feedback.

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That's exactly what I'm doing currently. I've just moved my OS SSD into the ODD bay and have a 1TB NVME drive on order to go in the PCiE slot, that I already have an adaptor for. Just been buying up some HDDs to put the plots on.


I'll be setting all the drives as individual RAID 0 for no other reason other than I know that will work.





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RAM has by and far been the biggest limiting factor on this machine.  I do put a few plots out on it per day, but primarily it is the central storage repository (farming machine) that all my other machines drop their plots onto.

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