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finally showed up. it was interesting to listen to the previous episode when the pandemic was just getting going.

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So great to hear the familiar voices again!


And quite an interesting talk about how you went from a pretty PC-centric setup to a Mac. I didn't know that you were that invested in the Apple platform.


I actually did the opposite :)


I sold my MBP 13" in favor of a Surface Laptop 3 (black edition, by the way, based on your purchase...) as I felt I was missing all the "fun" in the Windows space and the MacOS felt a little abandoned (or stale) with all the focus being on the mobile devices.

Maybe that'll change now with the whole new M1 platform and all. It looks very promising.


Feel free to podcast from time to time. Even though it's been a while, homeservershow (and RESET) is not forgotten.

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Reset has been reset! Good. Required frequency? Whenever there is something useful to discuss.


Hear you on retention of obsolete gear. The pandemic has stimulated giveaway of a my old workstation and laptop to schools. Tidied the garage this Spring too ... so only a few bits and pieces left for the tip. Must open that book on decluttering soon ;-)


In tune with the 'allocate a device to a specific function' vibe too. Cheap HP Microservers for storing data only, 2nd hand tablets for consoles and streamers, ..., nice new powerful laptop and workstation for the real work/play.


Apple M1 devices ... do look interesting. Watching that space even as an inveterate Windows user.

That new iPad Pro with the enhanced screen is ... drool-worthy ...

... but do I really need one, when I can buy a $70 tablet from you old equipment scavengers in the US?


Only new thing here is Thunderbolt 4.

Looking at ProArt B550-CREATOR|Motherboards|ASUS Global.

Need faster networking and disk systems.


Wood? Saws? Sawdust?? Anyone have the builder's number?


Remote opening of swimming pool room doors?

UK homes' swimming area is called the North Sea :-)





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I listen to these podcasts while mowing the lawn lol, I need to get a couple cameras because I live in a remote area and the house is at the base of a hill and surrounded by trees  so not easily seen by neighbors . I commute to work 25 miles one way so I dont trust having amazon deliver to my house so I have them sent to my job . I have one 1080p motion triggered camera in my back yard hidden in a tree but it only saves locally and not accessed on the net ...

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