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Gen 8 can't boot on microSD after being turned off for a while


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I recently moved and yesterday, I plugged in my Gen8 at my new place. However, it doesn't seem to be able to boot from the microSD anymore (EXSI 6.x is installed on it).
I'm getting :


"Attempting booting from USB Drive Key ( C: )"
"no active partition found". 


What I tried to do :

  • Open it and check the internals : everything seems ok. microSD slot is not damaged nor is the microSD itself. For the record, I moved it myself, within its original box and protections, so it was handled with much care during its trip.
  • Play around with the booting options : the boot sequence was already good ("USB Key" at spot 1 in the boot sequence and within the "USB Key" options, "Internal SC Card first" is selected) but I changed it a few times in the hope it would change something. It did : now it seems the system can't even boot on the "USB Drive Key" option at all ! I don't see the "Attempting booting from USB Drive Key" line anymore.
  • Unplug it for 15 seconds as I've read from my initial researches that a few seconds off the power would sometimes fix the issue. Not in my case.


What I plan to try :

  • Actually check the microSD content itself, in case it is damaged indeed (but I'd be surprised)
  • If it's not damaged, I'll try to clone it on another microSD or perhaps a USB stick. But that is if I can have the thing recognizing the "USB Drive Key" boot again.


Did you ever experience this issue ? Is there something I overlooked ?


Thank you !


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Sorry for my late response, the notification email went in my spam folder.


I'll indeed have a look at the microSD itself, hoping its content is not to damanged. Perhaps cloning it to another microSD or USB pendrive...

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It seems the microSD was indeed faulty (I can't have it detected by anything, even gparted).

So I tried a fresh install of ESXI 6.5U3 on a usb stick but same result, it doesn't find an "active partition".


Is there perhaps some option to enable in the BIOS to make it work ?

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I also tried to flash the custom-HP ESXI image iso (6.5U3) using the Rufus tool (Windows) but it won't boot. It does boot the installer from the USB stick but once ESXI is installed on that stick, it won't work, "no active partition found".


Is there some specific partition config to use for bootable drives on the Gen8?

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I also tried to update the BIOS to J06 04/04/2019 but no luck there either. I'm really stuck and it's probably something idiotic I've overlooked...🙃

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