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Gen 8 HDD Disc / Raid Config Change When Losing An HDD


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I've had my Gen 8 microserver for several years now and originally set it up thanks to all the help I received on this forum. I have Windows 10 installed on it, its been working like a dream and I have the following physical disk configuration :

Bay 1 : 6TB

Bay 2 : 6TB

Bay 3 : 8TB

Bay 4 : 8TB


Bay 1 and Bay 2 are Logical Disc G: (Raid 1), and Bay 3 and Bay 4 are logical disc H: (Raid 1).

The disc in Bay 1 has now failed and I'm struggling to work out the best way round it.

I'd like to physically remove the Bay 1 disc for now and make Bay 2 a Raid 0. Eventually replacing the Bay 1 disc at a later date.

Could one of you experts please advise me how I go about this please. Obviously I cant do it through Windows and it is so long since I set the original configuration up I'm struggling to recall the methodology.

Appreciate your help.


Many thanks



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Yes I basically use first array as a backup of the 2nd array - so in theory my data is backed up 4 times. Therefore, I want to reset array 1 (Bay 1 and 2) to a Raid 0 single physical drive (Bay 2) and backup the 2nd logical disc to it.

I also have 2 remote NAS that I backup to. I'm paranoid about losing data !!!!!!!

Thanks for your reply.

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If you are using Windows, have you ever looked at the Stablebit stuff?

A much safer way of protecting your data without having the overheads of RAID and the inherent issues you have when a disk fails..

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