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Microserver Gen7 problems

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I have acquired a used HP Proliant Microserver Gen7.  Recently I have tried to install on the server Windows 7 and Windows Home Server 2011on separate hard drives.  I have used a Rufus generated bootable USB keys to install both products.  The Gen7 bios ID is 41, the bios date is 7/29/2011.

During the install of both Win 7 and the Server I have left the Rufus USB plugged in the USB port.  Surprisingly, for both product, the server had finished the installation and immediately started reinstalling the software multiple times.  I had to interrupt install of both products manually.  I wound up with two instances of Win 7 and single instance of the Home server.  I have used separate empty physical hard drive for each product. 

I have never before seen such behavior.  By the way, during both installs I have left the Rufus USB in the port because it was not clear when one installation finished and the next started. 

Is that an usual behavior when using Rufus or is that a Proliant Microserver quirk or is there or am I missing something? Thanks for your kind help.

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You should take the USB key out once the first pass of Windows install is complete: there will be a message saying 'rebooting in 10 seconds' which is there for you to remove the key.


Every device is different but each has a priority list of locations to boot from. If 'USB drive' is the top priority then it will be selected each time, so the partial new install on disk will never be reached. Once you remove the key the device will start looking elsewhere and see the hard disk partition and the OS install will complete thereon.

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