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Need help in setting up my soundbar


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I really thought I had posted a message asking for help about this, some weeks ago. But I can't find that post, so here goes again.


I need help setting up a new LG Soundbar which I purchased from Costco about 3 weeks ago. It's called a LG SN7R 35" 5.1.2 Channel High Resolution Home Theater Sound System with Dolby Atmos. What's complicating things is I need to connect it to my Vizio TV, that's about 7 years old (i.e.: it is not a smart TV) and a Blu-ray player. To do that I purchased a purchased a 4 device HDMI switch by Onn at Walmart. I've tried connecting everything together, but either I get no audio and video, or I only get video.


How do I connect everything together to get audio and video through my LG soundbar?

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Does your Vizio TV have an HDMI port with ARC?  ARC is audio return channel.  It is what allows audio from the TV to be routed to the soundbar.  You would simply use the ARC port from the TV to the Soundbar input (I believe) and then connect your Blu-Ray to another HDMI input on the TV.  When you view anything on the TV the sound would be routed thru the ARC port to the soundbar.

Your other choice is to use an optical link between the TV an soundbar.  Blu-Ray still connected to the TV.

I am guessing at this point because you didn't say what you have actually tried and what the specific model of your TV is (so I am guessing what ports are available).

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Sorry @cskenney, I didn't have time to look up what model TV I have this morning. It's model # D48n-E0. 


It has 2 HDMI ports. One of them is the HDMI-ARC port. The other is just a regular HDMI.


Your suggestion is quite different from what I tried. I thought I had to put that Onn switch between the soundbar and the TV. Now I'm seeing I should plug the Blu-ray player and the Roku (which I forgot to mention this morning) into the Oon, then plug the Oon switch into that second HDMI port on the TV and run the HMDI-Arc port to the soundbar. I'm going to give that a try. Will get back to you on this.

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Hi @cskenney, I've tried it. It still didn't work. This is what I did.


  • The Roku and Blu-ray player are both plugged into the Oon switch
  • The Oon switch's output is plugged into the TV's secondary HDMI port, on the side of the Vizio TV
  • The HDMI-Arc port on the TV is plugged into the input of the LG soundbar

Also, in the TV's menu I went to the Audio settings and changed these:

  • TV Speakers I set Off
  • Surround Sound I set to Off
  • Digital Audio Out I set to Bitstream (since the LG soundbar is a 5.1 I thought Bitstream made the most sense)

Like I said, it didn't work. What have I done wrong? What should I do next?

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The Soundbar manual says to connect the HDMI cable from the ARC port on the TV to the HDMI OUT (TV ARC) port on the soundbar.  Not the HDMI input.  You also need to set the soundbar to OPT/ARC.


Have you read the manual for the TV and the soundbar?  They both have the information for using CEC/ARC.

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Posted (edited)

Hi @cskenneyI already have the HTMI ARC port on the TV connected to the HDMI OUT (TV Arc) port on the soundbar. I now realize that when I said it was plugged into the input port on the soundbar, that I misspoke. I'm sorry I said that as it only confused things.


Yes, I've read the manual for the TV. It's that Oon switch and where it goes that has confused me. Still does. I'm going to try plugging it into the other HDMI port on the soundbar, rather than have it plugged into the HDMI port on the side of the TV.


That didn't work.


I decided to make it simpler by unplugging the Oon switch from the second (non-HDMI ARC) port on the sound bar. Then I plugged the Roku into it. That didn't work, either.

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I finally got it to work. What I had to do was unplug the HDMI ARC and use the optical cable instead. BTW, contrary to what the diagram in the TV manual says on page 8, the optical port is NOT on the underside, but is on the side where ports are.


This leads me to wonder if either (a) the HDMI ARC port on the TV is bad, or (b) if the HDMI ARC port on the sound bar is bad. I doubt that it's the later, because its new. So, maybe the TV's HDMI ARC port is bad.


Then there's a third option. I might have gotten the wrong HDMI cable. What I got was a Rocketfish Premium High Speed HDMI cable with Ethernet. Did I get the wrong type of cable?

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Connect devices to the switch and plug it into the TV without the soundbar.  Do you get video and audio from the TV?


it is possible that the TV ARC and soundbar ARC aren’t playing nice with each other.  You could use an optical cable from the TV to the soundbar.  Basically I he soundbar is just an extension of the TV.  If you use the optical cable to connect the soundbar then I think the 2 HDMI ports on the tv are still available for your Roku and BluRay so you won’t need that extra switch.

The HDMI cable just sounds like a newer version so I don’t think that is the issue.


Sorry. You replied while I was typing but it looks like you got it to work with what I was suggesting with the optical cable.

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