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Donate via Bitcoin, BTC, even from PayPal


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Hey all,


PayPal has opened up their cryptocurrency rules so you can now pay merchants with BTC.  This also allows you to support your favorite sites and podcasts like homeservershow.com! 


Also, if you don't have a Coinbase account you should! Sign up here - https://www.coinbase.com/join/mccabe_cj. We both get $10 free when you add $100 of crypto to your account.  Go ahead and jump in. 


You can get free money without spending a penny too.  You can get up to $34 in rewards for watching simple videos about crypto coins.  I did a few and got $6 already. Cashed it straight to BTC!  You could also gift it to HSS Forums.  I'll leave address below.


BTC - 3D1SJpDnmS3QwjozYQLRpNrfarQbRCRR9J

BAT - 0x794d6399D3aD689e97c299B35CbBAE7076C83cDA

Storj - 0xd96f949EFfF237D3a6802B71C699358ed8Ddb2a3

Eth - 0x72Ebb9317B807Ea29454cEFe8E7696e1774Ea5A4

The Graph - 0x50186B6a302EF06d5DE62BBeC2bb805816D005e8

UMA - 0x19Ec10B19e07f8cA69E22456F6D5F460a3258cC0

ETN - etnjzKZ764n2ytajMgWjenVM96gCqSQwCXdSea7N7pWSasvexuDFRXWSX1SLfvdvw3Tw7BZMmuogNJfzJXCD6b482ZjSxYJ2iu


Join now and get your Free money.




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You can now donate ETN!  Here is the public address for donations.




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