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App Based Firewalls for NAS's


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Great video on Qufirewall from our old friend Mike Faucher, may be useful in other platforms as well  e.i.  why would you enable a firewall on your NAS

Good description of what it is and how to to set up


I  met Mike Faucher at a couple of the legendary homeserver show meetups. I think his demos caused me to go with a qnap nas

Good guy. He has dry, but concise , clear videos. Lots of content on qnap

I was very disappointed in qufirewall, but it's clear that part of the problem was how i set it up,  still lousy documentation and launch by QNAP

Will try it again after its updated this month

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Thanks for sharing. Boy talk about memories... I miss all those guys Mike, Jim, John and the format of the old "Home Server Show" good times indeed.....

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Posted (edited)
21 hours ago, Dave said:



looks good but

after the last three years of ransomware and other security issues,  I would be very leery of trusting them for a router


dont get me wrong,  I love qnap hardware,, best value for an intel based NAS.    Works solidly as a file and media server.

they tried to open up the devices and did a half assed job , especially to us noobs in the home market


also, only supports 2 x 2.5" drives, which is some low by the standard build on this forum


8 hours ago, Trig0r said:

Guessing those pictures are just a render, it looks like it was 3d printed..

thats what they look like,   baby blue soft matte finish

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