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Home Server and cutting Cable


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I'd like to piggyback on this thread with some questions/comments, although my goal is a bit different as I am not trying to get rid of cable TV (yet).
Comments: Right now, I have the following setup: Media Center PC w/ Tuner Card (QAM) connected to HDTV in "Media Room". My video card has 2 DVI outputs. I connected a SlingBox ProHD to the other DVI and split the digital audio from the soundcard. I then have 3 SlingCatchers around the house on other HD TVs and can view all Media Center content (photos, videos, music, DVDs, Live TV & Recorded TV) from any of the SlingCatchers or from any PC (local or remote) via SlingPlayer software or Sling.com site.
The main shortcomings of my setup (as far as I can tell) are:
*I am unable to view seperate content simultaneously (can't watch Live TV in one place while viewing photos in another)
*The "slinged" image is very high quality, but clearly not HD

Questions: I am contemplating the following changes and want to ask if/how they are possible.
*I would like to store all RecordedTV on the WHS (I know this is certainly possible, I just haven't figured out how to do it)...What is the best way/add-in to accomplish this?
*I would like to put "bare bones" (minimal storage, no keyboard/mouse) HTPCs on each TV with all recordings from each being stored on the WHS. There is a live coax connection at each TV, so each can HTPC should be able to view content independently. Can WMC/WHS manage recorded TV from multiple sources in a single database?
*I would REALLY like to have a way of viewing SlingBox content via the WMC interface. I still need the SlingBox as we also watch content from a SlingBox located overseas...Is there anyway to accomplish this without having SlingMedia publish an add-in?
*If I am able to do the above, is there anything that I'd be missing vs. having HD Home Run?

Thanks in advance!

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The main shortcoming:
*You have to have a tuner at each computer. If you want to record and watch a show, then you'll need 2 tuners at that location. Having an HD HomeRun means you only have to have 1 set of tuners for the whole house. That said, you have to split the # of shared tuners with all of the computers.

For Recorded TV, I would try each way and decide what works best for you. There's the HP software (If you have a 490/495) The WHS PP3, add-ins for WHS such as Recorded TV Manager, or add-ins for Media Center. You can also just write a manual .bat file that will move the files and set that to run on a schedule (You could have a single batch file setup on the server that will pull the content from the clients rather than pushing from each separately).

All recorded TV shows will in a single list in Media Center, even if they are pulled from different locations. Note that you have to have them all shared, but with Homegroup, that's pretty much setup by default

I don't think there is a sling interface for Media Center, sorry about that. At least you can use it from a remote location or an iPhone etc.

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