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What is the max capacity for HDDs ?

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Hello guys, 

I came back after bit longer time to get some knowledge from you. As you probably might try the similar options.


Question is about the max HDD capacity on the MS HP gen8 proLiant server.

As I found out from HP official documents, (https://h20195.www2.hpe.com/v2/GetPDF.aspx/c04123182.pdf )there is max HDD capacity only 16TB ?

So in total only 4x 4TB disks ? It is not possible to put there let's say 4x16TB disks ? 


I read somewhere that it shouldnt be problem nowadays and server should take "unlimited" capacity, but I am not sure

if it was regarding controller or some upgrade needs to be completed before mounting new bigger HDD disks.


I went through the forums but I didnt find specific details.


Can you please point me or linked me to a correct chain or get some more details, please ?


Many  thanks to all for any information :)

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I have a 14tb and a 3tb currently in mine, so 16tb isn't a limit as far as I am aware.


Its more likely that its a limit per drive, so only 16tb each drive, although at the time of them writing the spec I doubt there were drives bigger?? I don't know.

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I've currently got an 18TB disk in mine and it works fine.   As JackoUK says, I don't boot from it, just use it for storage.

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