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What is this software and why does HP want to monitor me?

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This morning while writing an email on my desktop, I had this popup occur from Windows Defender Firewall (see attached). I don't get this at all. I don't have an HP desktop, keyboard, mouse, watch, phone, etc. I do have an HP color laser printer, but at this time that's the only HP equipment I've got in the house. I just don't see the purpose of this software being installed on my PC. And if it's somehow been installed because of the HP laser printer, then it's trying to get onto every piece of equipment that prints to that printer in my home network. That isn't something I want, either.


Has anyone seen this? May I remove it?



Screenshot 2021-03-05 073341.png

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Just speculating, but keywords; 'SchedulerConsole', 'HP', 'diagnostics', 'telemetrywatch' would point to an application that interacts between your printer and the manufacturer, HP. When you install most printers they ask about participating in customer use experience, sharing info with the printer vendor, toner levels, printer use, firmware version, software version and diagnostics. This is likely the scheduler trying to communicate with HP. 

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Yes @oj88 I do have HP Print and Scan Doctor installed. Must have been installed when I set up the printer. So, it is likely that, then. Maybe an update to that.

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