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What should I use as an external HD with my router?


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Last weekend I purchased a WD My Book 8TB hard drive. I wanted to attach it to my Synology router, where I had hoped to share it out to everyone in my house. 


Doesn't look like that's possible. It took me a little while to figure out how to make it recognized by the router, but I finally got that done. The router's SRM software informed me that I'm to use \\SynologyRouter in Windows 10 File Explorer. I did so, then nothing. It should up, sort of. I really can't do anything with it. So, I got onto the Best Buy website (where I bought it) and talked with some people. Looks like that WD My Book is meant to be connected to a single PC or laptop at a time. Not how I wanted to use it. So, I'm considering returning it and getting something else if it's in my budget.


That leads me to ask, what external hard drive can I get, to attach to my Synology router's USB3 port, so I can share it out to everyone on my network?

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Once you got the drive plugged into the router, you probably need to set it up further using the admin pages of your router.


I am not familiar with SRM but typically on other platforms, you need to access the admin page to add/recognize the drive, format it, and create a network file share. There may be other steps involved like adding users or setting up basic security for the file share.

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