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Another one bytes the dust


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Frye's is shutting down all it's stores. 




Sad news but not surprising.  I visited the frye's in Indy back in the fall and it looked half shutdown already.     We had great fun visiting frye's after one of the legendary homeserver show meetups














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14 hours ago, schoondoggy said:

Well our local Microcenter is still open. 

Our local Microcenter is also open and seems to be doing well. It's always sad to see stores that Been around for generations close there doors, sad indeed.

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I think that Frys was trying to be too many things to too many consumers, computers and components, home audio and video, appliances, mobile,,,,,,

MicroCenter is fairly focused on computer parts and systems, DIY/maker, accessories. Their staff is quite helpful for the average consumer.

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the almost complete transition to digital media really decimated their business model


in doing some 'covid housecleaning' last year, I noted the drastic reduction in the amount of physical media my kids have in going from  the nintendo gamecube  (100% physical)  nintendo wii (50% physical media) and the latest switch   only 1 physical pc of media purchased


ditto for software   i've only purchased 1 pc of software on disk in the lasr several years



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