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Replacing my windows file server with a DS1821+


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My current setup is just a mid tower stuffed with 8 drives (i used to have a 20 bay norco case but the norco cases are junk and it broke). I run stablebit drivepool software. I'm thinking on swapping it out for a synology system. While i like what i have i just hate having pcs strewn through the house for something a lot smaller appliance should be able to handle. If i get one i will run SHR. Without that honestly i wouldn't be interested in one. If i remember correctly @Dave made the same change( moving from a pc w\ stablebit to a synology system). I've been watching a lot of synology reviews on youtube and the synology software just seems awesome. Here are some of the questions i've came up with:


  1. Does synology pretty much support the devices forever? Will software updates every stop (granted new functionality available in newer units might not be there). I've seen few vulnerabilities in their software and i would want to make sure that got patched. 
  2. How reliable are the units? The only issue i can see if a pc breaks i can fix it by ordering a new part. If one of these unit breaks of course fixing it will be limited. I've read about a lot of people on reddit wanting to replace their units when the warranty is up.


I was grappling with whether to go with the 8 bay unit or the 12 bay but i found out you can buy up to two 4 bay extender units which should definitely be enough for future expandability. Any other general thoughts? Good move?


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Many of on this forum had to make this decision when microsoft dropped support for the windows home server some years ago

You could stay with what you have, it would still work, but features and support will go away.

Switch to full windows server os

Roll your own, using unraid,freenas,openmediavault etc

Get a NAS

Are you looking for an appliance or a hobby, is one way to look at it

I went with a QNap nas, because i wanted a low maintence, supported system, with a curated app store, i would have been happy with synology also

W9th regards to hardware or software long term support, its unwise to assume that it will be supported much more than 5-10 years after your purchase

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‘Good move’?
A sound choice – one of the leading vendors with proven technology.
Yet there are other sound choices – the question is what criteria do YOU have for making the choice?


If your current setup is 8 disks in a tower then your comment about pcs strewn around the house does not make sense. A good network architecture might consist of a pure file server and other devices appropriate to the task in hand. The 1821 plus two add-in bays (5 disks per) isn’t much different to ‘tower plus strewn around’. Neater certainly, but why the size fixation for such a small difference? If you want to consolidate existing devices … buy a large tower.


‘Dave did it.’
Which reasons Dave jumped match your preferences?


‘Marketing videos look awesome.’
Quelle surprise!
Define ‘awesome’.


Windows 10 et al is pretty much supported for ever and patched monthly, so why switch?


‘I can fix a PC’. You provide your own reason for not switching!
The oldest machine I maintain is DELL DIMENSION 9200 from 2007.
Runs the latest version of Windows 10 on an SSD and I test the floppy drive and DVD drive now and then. Perfectly reasonable device.


How about a cost comparison?
Load up an 1821 with an NVME drive, a 10GB NIC, and 2 expansion bays.
Construct a build with …
… and …
… and see where that takes you.


Hopefully this will never apply in consumer space: 

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Start replacing your old, 'small' disks with new 16TB drives ...

... and use the old disks as cold storage for things you rarely access.

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Is Contribs.org SME server not known in this circle? 


A Linux system that allows email, web pages, server storage, and is easily restorable with  built in backup. A number of add ons have been created as well to meet special needs. Unlike Windows one could do a install on different hardware. Then restore data and all is well with the world, no 200.00 year special backup software required to bring across the additional installed programs and settings.


I have not checked Synology recently, but previously I found such systems did not include email and as well one is locked into their hardware so maybe not able to go down the street and buy a new powersupply when the issue arises. Things like unraid looked nice but seemed slow at the time as well as did not support email.


Of course I am open to any  open source system that may be as flexible as the SME server from contribs.org if there is something better?



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