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SAS vs SATA performance

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I currently have a RAID 10 configured with 4 Hitachi 2TB 5400rpm SATA drives. This gives my a total of 4TB of space. I would like to increase my drive space by upgrading to 4TB drives. I noticed that the 7.2k SAS drives are actually cheaper than the 7.2k SATA drives of the same size. I could easily purchase a P420 SAS card to add to my Gen8 microserver for around $25.


My question is this. Will I notice an increase in performance with 7.2k SAS drives over the 7.2k SATA counterparts? Also is there any additional noticeable performance with 12G vs the 6G SAS?

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It would depend on what you are using the storage for. Increased RPM will help with seek and latency. This helps for random access. The number I look at when comparing drives is sustained throughput. These numbers reflect how fast data can be read or written to the drive. It is based on aerial density and RPM of the drive. The average hard drive can not saturate the 6Gb/s interface of SATA or SAS. 12Gb/s SAS is beneficial for SSD, but not HDD. Also the P420 does not support 12Gb/s SAS. P420 are a great card, be sure it comes with the low profile bracket, cache memory and the capacitor. Update it to the latest firmware before connecting drives.

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it's good they kept pushing ahead with the sata3 standard in spite of disks being slow as it was well entrenched by the time SSDs became common enough to take advantage of it. (and in the usual game of leapfrog became motivation for a yet faster interface)

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