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The Ultimate UPS


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Before the pandemic hit I was in the process of planning a complete refurbishment of my house. Stalled now probably until 2022.

One component was to be the conversion to renewable energy ... via solar panels and an air source heat pump, removing the use of gas heating and switching to electricity alone.

This combination is problematic in the UK because the solar panels produce the least electricity in the winter when the ASHP needs it the most!

However the more modern energy companies are offering low rates overnight when consumption is at its lowest e.g. Agile Octopus | Octopus Energy

Which leads to the use of large batteries to store the power for later consumption ...

... and sooner or later to the Powerwall | Tesla United Kingdom.

Indeed the rates are so low, and the capacity of the Tesla so large, that my initial calculations indicate that I can dispense with the solar panels altogether.


All somewhat tangential to this forum, were it not that the Powerwall comes with a Gateway allowing off-grid operation: the ultimate UPS one might say.

At £9K a pop some may be tempted choose other UPS vendors 😉


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